The Sensory Nook Academy is an exclusive private part-time preschool that invites a limited number of children into our classes for a ten month period.

We utilize many aspects of the Montessori approach. In addition to an abundance of sensorial activities while guiding each child throughout their day and encouraging them to choose activities that will benefit their sensory needs. 

At the Sensory Nook Academy we encourage the development of the whole child by providing a style of education that fosters and cultivates independent thinking, foundational skills, as well as their awareness for their environment, senses, empathy for others, social ease, and confidence. While many preschools have teachers, we use Sensory Guide. We are here to guide the children through activities of their choosing and embrace their sensory preferences.

We firmly believe in open communication and transparency. So we keep parents updated through the brightwheel app, parents are able to view photos of their child engaging in various activities.

​​​​​The Sensory Nook, LLC,

Only organic, nongmo, low sugar snacks are permitted. However, there are occasions where outside conventional snacks are allowed.

Home of the Academy 

Expect your child(run) to learn through play and real life trial and error. Children who attend The Academy learn how to accept their sensory preferences, to trust their experiences, and explore their surroundings with curiosity. They create meaningful relationships with their environment and one another. 

Prior to sending out invitations to enroll we’d need to schedule a day and time to meet. To be certain that we’re a good match for you and your family. We offer a two day, three day, and five day program. 

Class time: 8:00AM-11:00AM. 

Tuition may be paid monthly or all at once. Contact us for current tuition rates at

The Sensory Nook Academy